We get it! Adopting new technology while contractually locked into old investments is hard to justify. Not anymore. 

VPNs need to be replaced for a multitude of reasons. That’s why we’re offering to buy out your VPN support contract and get your Zero Trust journey started ASAP with Appgate SDP, a 2021 Forrester New Wave ZTNA Leader.

VPN Buyout Details: 

  • Up to 100% user subscription discount to cover the remaining term of your VPN support contract for up to 12 months with a 36-month term commitment.
  • Minimum 250 Appgate SDP new licenses required to qualify.
  • Replacement of any existing VPN solution qualifies.
  • Must contact us by Dec. 31, 2021 to redeem offer. 
  • 100% discount doesn't apply to any SDP licenses purchased in excess of existing # of VPN licenses.
  • Other restrictions may apply, contact us for full details.

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