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Legacy business VPN remote access solutions weren’t designed to handle the security challenges of today’s distributed workforce and escalating threat landscapes.

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) is the new industry standard for secure access to anything from anywhere by anyone.

Find out how you can easily migrate your business from VPN to ZTNA.

“VPNs are antiquated, and while they may have some value for an immediate ‘fix,’ they need to go away. They are vulnerability aggregators and are a prime target for exploitation.”

- Dr. Chase Cunningham, Dr. Zero Trust

What's Inside:

Learn how to build a phased migration plan to reduce risk without disrupting operations

1Understand Your VPN Landscape
2Develop Your ZTNA Roadmap
3Get Started
4Implement Your First Use Case
5Scale Up ZTNA Implementation


10 reasons why

it’s time to kick your VPN remote access solution to the curb

a quick vpn vs. ztna

comparison and applicable use cases

How to overcome

organizational objections to VPN replacement

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