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The appgate sdp architecture 100% aligns to zero trust network access



Secure Access with Appgate SDP

strengthen security

Appgate SDP makes resources invisible until trust is established using dynamic policies, based on user identity and device posture. Network and application access is segmented and conditional, minimizing the risk of lateral movement.

reduce complexity

Appgate SDP unifies access with a single policy engine for all users, devices, networks and heterogenous environments. Access can be automated and dynamically scale by deploying security-as-code.

improve experience

Appgate SDP improves end user experience by removing VPN switching and improving connections with concurrent access to trusted resources. Enterprise-grade throughput and minimal latency keeps productivity high and user frustration low.

streamline automation

Appgate SDP weaves into the fabric of your business systems with bi-directional APIs allowing policies and access to be automated. Common integrations include, but are not limited to, EUBA, NAV, AV, EDR, EPP, IAM, IdP, SSO, MFA, LDAP, SAML, RADIUS, ITSM, BSS, SIEM, etc.

How Appgate SDP Enforces Zero Trust Network Access

Diagram showing the access of a developer and a database admin.  Each user has a unique path based on their work requirements.  Access is conditional and contextual based on identity.

We looked at other vendors but found that they included many restrictions. Appgate SDP provided us an identity-centric secure access solution with granular controls. As a managed service provider, our customers trust us to secure their data. We are always looking to improve our security posture. Appgate SDP helped us achieve this goal.

Matthew Staver, CTO, Verdant

Any enterprise seeking a simple but effective way to eliminate the threats present for enterprises using hybrid infrastructure should explore Appgate’s offering.

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