Today’s cybersecurity leaders face a perfect storm of challenges—from a complex threat landscape to a global pandemic that has broadened the attack surface and spurred an exodus of skilled professionals from the workforce. Advancing Zero Trust security will help address challenges, but organisations need all-hands-on-deck collaboration to accelerate progress. 

To examine how generational strengths can impact more effective security strategies, Henry Rose Lee, an expert on intergenerational diversity, examined differing attitudes, knowledge and skillsets of Baby Boomers, Gen-Xers and Millennials in the cybersecurity industry. 

    Key findings:

    • Businesses face increasing risk as Boomers exit the workforce, taking with them their expertise in securely integrating legacy IT into modern hybrid IT ecosystems
    • Gen-Xers can bridge the gap between the generations by distilling and bridging the experience and expertise of Boomers and Millennials
    • Millennials—while often more cyber-savvy—tend to move quickly and look for fast solutions, which may ultimately have a negative impact on cybersecurity

    Hear from Henry Rose Lee on why intergenerational collaboration is critical in advancing Zero Trust security progress.

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