Why It’s Time to Replace VPN with SDP

Today’s distributed, hybrid and agile IT estates have illuminated the VPNs security and complexity flaws – it’s time for a better approach to remote network access.

Remote work, remote access and network topologies look drastically different today than just 2 years ago, let alone 25 years ago when the VPN was born. The VPN architecture has remained fundamentally unchanged and was designed for a perimeter-centric model that operated under the premise of “trust, then verify.” The inherent security flaws and complexities introduced by VPNs introduce risk and slow down digital business. It’s time to consider a smarter, software-defined approach to remote network access.

Download our white paper to learn why it’s time to replace your VPN with SDP:

  • The inherent security flaws of VPNs
  • Why VPNs can’t handle today’s complex threats
  • The new Zero Trust approach to network access
  • How the Software-Defined Perimeter (SDP) works
  • How to pick the right SDP solution for your organization

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