There is no Zero Trust silver bullet and reaching maturity will vary for every organization. However, the right Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solution can play a crucial role in delivering a unified policy engine that works with your IT and security ecosystem to accelerate your Zero Trust journey. 

Featured guests, David Holmes, Senior Analyst at Forrester, and Jason Garbis, co-author of Zero Trust Security: An Enterprise Guide, bring their storied expertise to this webinar. They will discuss a Zero Trust technological roadmap and steps you can take to move beyond standard cybersecurity architectures to realize the security and operational benefits of ZTNA. 

During the session you’ll learn about:

  • Being prepared with discovery, classification and inventory 
  • Controlling identity for users and devices 
  • Providing Zero Trust access to applications 
  • Improving visibility, automation and orchestration 
  • Applying Zero Trust security to the network 

So, register now and bring your toughest questions for live Q&A.

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David Holmes

Senior Analyst at Forrester

Jason Garbis

Co-author of Zero Trust Security: An Enterprise Guide