Written by senior analyst David Holmes, this evaluation establishes the ideal ZTNA solution functionality and provides a non-biased assessment of the 15 most significant vendors. 

Appgate named a Leader

Positioned highest for current offering, Appgate received a differentiated rating in the following criteria: 

  • Deployment flexibility offering ZTNA as a SaaS, but also a self-hosted option 
  • Nonweb and legacy app support 
  • Ecosystem integration with services like information technology service management (ITSM) and configuration management database (CMDB) 
  • Product vision specializing in ZTNA



Noteworthy tech note:
“[Appgate SDP’s] cryptographic single packet authorization (SPA) can make for a supertight network defense posture.”


Noteworthy customer reference quotes: 
“We like the Appgate approach since it is more network-centric and helps us eliminate the complexities associated with a global routing table.”

“Appgate is extremely granular in access control. It is very scalable and easy to deploy.”


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