The global DRP market is trying to differentiate itself by providing an all-in-one holistic solution for monitoring and mitigating online risk exposure. This protects users and organizations from cyber attacks and fraud while delivering a seamless user experience.

The latest SPARK Matrix™ by Quadrant Knowledge Solutions, provides a detailed analysis of the global DRP market and evaluates top vendor solutions. 

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions recently announced that it has named Appgate as a 2022 technology leader in the SPARK Matrix™.  

“The solution [Appgate Digital Threat Protection] focuses on minimizing the
impact of fraud and security incidents and providing threat mitigation and
protection to secure businesses. The solution includes the Victim Insights feature, which offers a targeted and proactive remediation approach, detection of exposed documentation & leaked source code on public code repositories. The solution also provides a malware snapshot feature that enables organizations to enhance detection accuracy by immediately capturing malware-injected pages.” 


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